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erstellt am 25.08.2018

Widebody Aerodynamic Kit for Mercedes GTS

Prior Design PD700GTR

The German tuning house of Prior Design has just released a complete wide body aerodynamic kit for the Mercedes GT/GTS based on the results of racing and the experience gained in motorsports.

Schwaig(de). The kit enables wider wheels and spacers to bemused to improve stance, roadholding and handling. The kit includes: Front Bumper, Front Add-On Lip Spoiler, Rear Bumper, Diffusor, Cupwings-front, Cupwings-rear, Rear Boot Spoiler, Bonnet, Sideskirts incl. Lip, Front Widenings and Rear Widenings.

The complete kit retails at £26,590 including VAT and Prior Design UK can fit and paint the kit to match the original body colour at their Essex fitting centre for £3500 incl. VAT.

This components are made from a quality GRP-Duraflex compound which is characterised by an excellent surface finish that provides sufficient flexibility combined with high stability and comes ready for painting.

All parts are precision made for excellent alignment and fit straight from the box with no modifications or alterations needed. All parts are also available separately.